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What rewards do Alphas get?

While we might offer all sorts of rewards over time, the net value of all rewards granted for a certain task will be identical and you can choose to get it in PayPal cash instead. If you choose to take a reward you will find Steam cards, various in-game currency codes, and similar cash-equivalents in games which allow it. Rewards net value may vary from $5 for simple tasks to $30 for winning testing challenges, the average is $10 per task.

Are rewards limited?

Nope, it’s all about your ability to complete tasks - The more tasks you complete, the more rewards you’ll get. Keep in mind that tasks are handed out by our team members and valuable feedback which you provide can easily lead to new tasks and other opportunities!

How do I earn some rewards?

Provide meaningful feedback, find bugs and suggest new ideas while completing tasks and filling out our post-game forms. For every task you successfully complete, you will get rewarded based on the value assigned to each task.

How do you choose each task’s value?

The value of each task is estimated by its complexity and time requirement. For example, a task that involves playing a single match of Fortnite and checking one app won’t have the same value as testing that app in 5 matches across different game modes.

Okay, I want in! How do I start?

The first step is applying to our Community Alphas program, to do so just fill out this form and complete the short task in it. The link to join our Discord server (where we post & discuss tasks) is also in the form. Upon joining, you won't be able to see all the channels, allow us a week to review your application. If you got in, you will be granted a permanent team role and the other channels will reveal to you, otherwise, better luck next time we recruit.

I got in! How do I get tasks?

After joining our Discord and whenever we have new tasks for you, you will get a prompt in Discord sending you to the Alphas’ website, where you will find a full description of the task at hand as well as a link to the post-game form. After understanding your mission, it’s time to dive into your game and perform the task described. Once done, fill out the post-game form and submit it to us, we will review the forms and reward you once the task is over.

Do tasks have a time limitation?

Yes, each task has to be completed within a specific time frame corresponding to the complexity of the task. Simple tasks will be limited to a couple of days while some complex ones will have over a week to complete.

Can anyone join?

We’re open to gamers originating from all around the world, but do have some basic requirements:
-Be fluent in English
-Own a mid to high-end gaming PC 
-Use and have some experience with Discord
-Have Overwolf installed (and an Overwolf account)
-A dedicated, experienced player of one of the program’s chosen games

Which games are you currently recruiting for?

-Magic: The Gathering Arena